Boston Area Herpesvirus Symposia (BAHS) 2011

April 5, 2011, Cannon Room, Building C, Harvard Medical School


SESSION 1  (Chair: Blair Strang)

1030-1100 Ellen Cahir-McFarland (BWH, HMS) "EBV LMP1 Effects on Glucose Import"

1100-1120 Mayuri Sharma (HMS) “Restraint of ICP34.5 Expression Controls Outcome of HSV-1 Infection in a Mouse Model”

1120-1140 Seongae Kwak (UMass Medical School) “Tegument-derived Proteins Initiate the Host Cell DNA Damage Response During HCMV Infection”

1140-1200 Sam Stampfer (Tufts School of Medicine) "Structural Basis of Local, pH-Dependent Conformational Changes in Glycoprotein B from HSV-1"

1200-1330 Lunch

SESSION 2 (Chair: Igor Jurak)

1330-1400 David Leib (Dartmouth Medical School) "HSV and Innate Immunity"

1400-1420 Nicholas Renzette (UMass Medical School) “Extensive Genome-wide Variability of Human Cytomegalovirus in Congenitally Infected Infants”

1420-1440 Andreas Heilmann (BWH, HMS) “Epstein-Barr Virus LF2 Protein Regulates Viral Replication by Altering Rta Subcellular Localization”

1440-1500 Lynne Chang (HMS) "Herpesviral Replication Compartments Move and Coalesce at Nuclear Speckles to Enhance Viral Late mRNA Export"

1500-1530 Break

SESSION 3 (Chair: Lynne Chang)

1530-1600 Edward Usherwood (Dartmouth Medical School) “A Critical Role for IL-10 in Immune Surveillance to Murine Gammaherpesvirus-68”

1600-1620 Dongli Pan (HMS) “Analysis of Expression of Thymidine Kinase in Acyclovir Resistant Herpes Simplex Virus Mutants.”

1620-1640 Jayita Sen (HMS) "Modulation of TLR2 Signaling by HSV Tegument Protein Us3"

1640-1700 Samuel Rabkin (MGH, HMS) “Oncolytic HSV Interactions with ATM Sensitize Cancer Cells to Chemotherapy”

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